• Trestle Gallery Video Show

    Video screening of TV Birding at Trestle Gallery Brooklyn, NY

  • "Horizon Variations" at Camera Club of New York

    "Horizon Variations" at Camera Club of New York

    curated by Elizabeth Saperstein, Horizon Variations is an exhibition of conceptual photographs inspired by the impact of decay, disaster and discovery on the natural environment.

    The photographs in Horizon Variations express the artists’ ideas about the intangibleness of place or site...
    Working at the intersection of sculpture and photography, the artists use photography as a way to explore the philosophical side of occurrences in nature, such as the force of a hurricane, the extinction of a species, or the weathering of rock formations over time. By building scenarios from scratch, studying them, and photographing the results, the artists go beyond traditional landscape photography. Contemporary compositional methods such as sampling, altering and serial numbering are used in combination with commonplace materials. The pristine and eerily calm digital photographs – black and white, monochromatic, and/or color-blocked – are achieved through a variety of techniques.

  • Outdoor Installation Brooklyn, NY CAMBA Gardens

    Outdoor Installation Brooklyn, NY CAMBA Gardens

    Outdoor Installation at the future site of CAMBA Gardens, a joint affordable housing venture between CAMBA Inc. and Kings County Hospital Center. With this ab2 project, ArtBridge brings work by seven local emerging artists featured in installations past, covering 151 linear feet along Clarkson and Albany Avenues in East Flatbush with their art.

  • Outdoor Installation at Barclay Center

    Outdoor Installation at Barclay Center

    Works in Progress, Installation, Brooklyn: October 2011- March 2012
    "Yard Birds" is featured in outdoor installation around the perimeter of the Atlantic Yards Development, The Barclay Center. The installation was organized by ArtBridge and curated by Vik Muniz, Amani Olu, Eugenie Tsai.

  • The Nature: The Drawing Room, New York, NY

    Curated by ArtBridge Director, Jordana Zeldin, The Nature features work by five artists who, through their work, are addressing and in some cases, replicating, the relationship between “civilized” society and the natural world around us.

  • "In Plain Site," outdoor Installation Chelsea, NY 2010-2011

    Point of View, New York, NY: October 2010- November 2011
    Outdoor installation on 23rd Street side of historic Chelsea Building, London Terrace Gardens. Competition curated by Lorna Simpson, Victoria Anstead, David van der Leer, Charles Renfro, Chris Northrup, Gisue Hariri, Fredric M. Bell.

  • Review: 14th Annual Gowanus Studio Tour

    Review: 14th Annual Gowanus Art Studios Tour
    October 17, 2010 By Diamond Bradley View Comments

    Art can be anything. Proven, case-in-point, at the 14th Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour that took place October 2nd. The event lasted from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., showcasing various kinds of art from all different kinds of artists in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, NY.

    Twenty-eight studios spread across 19 blocks housing artists and art aficionados; along with the smell of red and white wine, cheese and
    Not to be over-shadowed, photography also played a part in AGAST. Cecilia Schmidt’s exhibit of bird watching looks like anything but bird watching from afar.

    Schmidt, a digital media photographer, takes photographs of nature to show its raw beauty. One image in particular was a still-shot from a series of birds that she put in a grid with an addition of pixels to enhance the digital elements while maintaining a brush-stroked appearance.

    “They’re very painterly,” said Schmidt of her work. “And I think it’s another thing about visual literacy. There’s so much visual media coming towards us…”

    Photographs that look exactly like paintings when stilled. Wings looked like the bodies, some bodies looked like the wings, and Schmidt’s photograph stood out.